Chase Boarding Instruction

Chase Boarding Instruction

How to board a Chase merchant to WidenPay

Here is the step to onboard your chase Merchant to WidenPay.
  1. Open the Chase merchant account
  2. Open the Bambora gateway only account
    1. Use this link
    2. Setup $25 -Monthly $10 - Per Trans $0.10
  3. Chase agent to fill the referral form to communicate the new lead.
  4. Once the Bambora gateway is created, the merchant creates his WidenPay account by clicking the sign-in button
    2. Click on the sign-in button
  5. Upon the registration, the merchant will receive an email with the instruction on our to configure WidenPay
    1. the email will contain these two links :
      1.  instruction video 
      2. Quick Setup Guide
    2. the Quick Setup guide contains these three links on how to configure your Bambora account and QuickBooks account
      1. How to retrieve your Bambora merchant ID and API key
      2. How to Retrieve Bambora Batch File Upload, Report and Profile API
      3. How to configure your link payment in your WidenPay account

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