Widenpay Questions & Answers

Widenpay Questions & Answers

Q. What are your monthly plans pricing and what are the cost fees  that I will get charged with for the credit card and/or Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) transactions ?

A. Below is a summary of our different plans that we offer and transaction fees for the CC and EFT.

Plans :
  1. WindenPay monthly plan (1) -8.00 $ CAD- Credit card transactions only 
  2. WindenPay monthly plan (2) -8.00 $ CAD- EFT transactions only   
  3. WindenPay monthly plan (3) -16.00 $ CAD- Credit card  & EFT  transactions  
Transaction fees for CC & EFT :

  1. Credit card transactions  0.10 $
  2. Transaction fee (0.05%)  0.0010 $
  1. EFT transactions  0.25$

Q.   I am looking to find a CC and ACH service for my businesses quickbooks. I ran across your app, but I see everything mentions CAD and EFT.  Is your application  only accessible to Canadian companies?

A.   WidenPay also supports US business with the CC and ACH.

Q.   I am in need of a way to receive CC payments over the phone and not to  have to pay outrageous fees that Quickbooks charges me at 3.9% for keyed transactions. Those your application charge    extra for keyed transactions  ?  

A.  There is  no surcharge  for keyed transactions using the app.   o use our service you will need a Bambora/WorldLine account. Depanding on your case, you will need to signup for both payment methods.
  • Sign up here to receive credit card payments. 
  • Complete this application to receive and make ACH payments.

Q. Once I have signed up to receive my credit card  payments and that I have completed the ACH application,  wath is next for me todo to start using the applciation  ?  
A. O nce you receive your Bambora account, you will need to create your WidenPay account using this link  https://widenpay.app/connectToQuickBooks

Q.  Can EFT  payments be made the  same day or the day after ?  
A. For accounts payable, EFT takes 3 days to process and for account receivable 5 days.

Q.  Will I receive a single monthly bill for my Bambora account and my WidenPay account?
A. No, you will continue to receive a separate bill for your Bambora account. You will receive a separate monthly bill for WidenPay based on the Billing Plan you have chosen.

Q. Can I change my WidenPay Billing Plan?
A. Yes, you can start with one Billing Plan and switch to another later.

Q. Do I have to pay for the WidenPay application ?
A. Yes but at a really low price.

Q. If Widenpay is free and I have no other fee's associated to it, what is the catch ? How do you get paid ?
A. There is no catch or hidden fee's, we get our commission through our payment provider Bambora.

Q, What those Widenpay actually do ?
A. Widenpay is the bridge that connects your online Quickbook account to Bambora's payment processor that enables you to save on your payment processing fees.

Q. If I am dissatisfied with Widenpay can I go back on using my Quickbooks before integrating it to Widenpay ?
A.  Yes simply revert back to your previous Quickbook configurations. If you have difficulties, one of our staff can assist. You can send us an email at  support@widenpay.com, or open a support ticket by visiting our  Widenpay support portal.

  My credit card information those not work, what I am missing ?
A. Please ensure that all your information is entered properly.  When setting up the credit card configuration your name must be entered the same as in your credit card.

Q. Once I have created my Bambora account, is there a validation period ?
A. Yes, If you created your account with the Electronic Funds Transfer [EFT] option, Bambora will assess your request and once it is completed, they will contact you to let you know if you have passed or not.

Q.  What happens is my EFT assessment those not pass with Bambora ?  Can I get re evaluated ?
A. Bambora's customer services will get in touch with you and will let you know the reasons why your assessment did not pass and if anything can be done for you to get re-assets .

Q.  What happens after I create my Bambora account ?
A. Bambora customer services will send you an email with the steps to validate your bank account information. 

Q. I am having some issues setting up my WidenPay account, who can I talk to to help me ?
A. You can send us an email at  support@widenpay.com, or open a support ticket by visiting our  Widenpay support portal. You can even chat live with one of our technical staff during core hours.

Q. I am looking for something to process credit cards internationally for me. I have connected my QBO with my newly opened widenpay account  but am unsure of my next steps. How do I go about collecting payments now  ?
A. To be able to use WidenPay to process credit cards transaction,  you will need to have a Bambora/WorldLine gateway account to connect to your merchant account such as RBC, Scotiabank, Moneris or a Canadian Credit Union.

Q. I am logged into Quickbooks, trying to connect to Bambora via the url;  https://widenpay.app/ 
however it immediately says Something went wrong while adding user info in database. What am I  missing ?
A. This is error is caused because the users given name in QuickBooks.is missing.

Q. What is my daily transaction limit and how can I increase it  ?
A. The daily transaction limit will be set by Bambora when you open your account according to your need. you will be able to set the limit to an amount that is acceptable for you.
And At any time, you will be able to make a request to change the maximum.

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